Flue Systems

Stainless and acid-resistant flue systems are designed to carry exhaust gasses away from gas or heating oil fired heaters. Abiza boasts many years of experience in manufacture of such systems.

Flue liner is made of stainless steel or special acid-resistant steel. We offer single layer flues – diameter range 80 mm do 500 mm – and flues with thermal insulation – diameter range from 100/160 mm to 500/560 mm. All tube sections are seam welded using plasma-arc technology. Individual elements are socket joined.

Product code:
R K + 200 / 200

Product type

R – Tube
K – Elbow
T – Tee
D – Cap
O – Tube clamp
W – Cleaning hole


K – Stainless
O – Galvanised
S – Carbon steel

Thermal insulation

+ Insulated
– No insulation

Tube diameter [mm]


Size or type

Tube – length [cm]
Elbow – angle in degrees
Tee – angle in degrees
Cap – N/A
Tube fixture – N/A

See details of our offer below:

Single-layer pieces
element-11 element-12 element-12 element-13 element-14 element-15 element-16 element-17 element-18 element-19
Diameter Tube L=1 m ,stainless Tube L=0.5 m, stainless Tube L=0.3 m, stainless Elbow 90° (adjustable), acid-resistant Elbow 45°, acid-resistant Tee 87°, acid-resistant Tee 45°, acid-resistant Cap, acid-resistant Tube clamp, acid-resistant Cleaning hole acid-resistant
Ø 80 RK-80/100 RK-80/50 RK-80/33 KK-80/90 KK-80/45 TK-80/87 TK-80/45 DK-80 OK-80 WK-80
Ø 100 RK-100/100 RK-100/50 RK-100/33 KK-100/90 KK-100/45 TK-100/87 TK-100/45 DK-100 OK-100 WK-100
Ø 110 RK-110/100 RK-110/50 RK-110/33 KK-110/90 KK-110/45 TK-110/87 TK-110/45 DK-110 OK-110 WK-110
Ø 120 RK-120/100 RK-120/50 RK-120/33 KK-120/90 KK-120/45 TK-120/87 TK-120/45 DK-120 OK-120 WK-120
Ø 130 RK-130/100 RK-130/50 RK-130/33 KK-130/90 KK-130/45 TK-130/87 TK-130/45 DK-130 OK-130 WK-130
Ø 140 RK-140/100 RK-140/50 RK-140/33 KK-140/90 KK-140/45 TK-140/87 TK-140/45 DK-140 OK-140 WK-140
Ø 150 RK-150/100 RK-150/50 RK-150/33 KK-150/90 KK-150/45 TK-150/87 TK-150/45 DK-150 OK-150 WK-150
Ø 160 RK-160/100 RK-160/50 RK-160/33 KK-160/90 KK-160/45 TK-160/87 TK-160/45 DK-160 OK-160 WK-160
Ø 180 RK-180/100 RK-180/50 RK-180/33 KK-180/90 KK-180/45 TK-180/87 TK-180/45 DK-180 OK-180 WK-180
Ø 200 RK-200/100 RK-200/50 RK-200/33 KK-200/90 KK-200/45 TK-200/87 TK-200/45 DK-200 OK-200 WK-200
Ø 220 RK-220/100 RK-220/50 RK-220/33 KK-220/90 KK-220/45 TK-220/87 TK-220/45 DK-220 OK-220 WK-220
Ø 230 RK-230/100 RK-230/50 RK-230/33 KK-230/90 KK-230/45 TK-230/87 TK-230/45 DK-230 OK-230 WK-230
Ø 250 RK-250/100 RK-250/50 RK-250/33 KK-250/90 KK-250/45 TK-250/87 TK-250/45 DK-250 OK-250 WK-250
Ø 300 RK-300/100 RK-300/50 RK-300/33 KK-300/90 KK-300/45 TK-300/87 TK-300/45 DK-300 OK-300 WK-300
Ø 350 RK-350/100 RK-350/50 RK-350/33 KK-350/90 KK-350/45 TK-350/87 TK-350/45 DK-350 OK-350 WK-350
Ø 400 RK-400/100 RK-400/50 RK-400/33 KK-400/90 KK-400/45 TK-400/87 TK-400/45 DK-400 OK-400 WK-400
Ø 450 RK-450/100 RK-450/50 RK-450/33 KK-450/90 KK-450/45 TK-450/87 TK-450/45 DK-450 WK-450
Ø 500 RK-500/100 RK-500/50 RK-500/33 KK-500/90 KK-500/45 TK-500/87 TK-500/45 DK-500 WK-500
Pieces with thermal insulation
Element 1 Element 2 Element 3 Element 4 Element 5 Element 6 Element 7 Element 8 Element 9 Element 10
Diameter Tube L=1 m, acid-resistant with thermal insulation Tube L=0.5 m, acid-resistant with thermal insulation Tube L=0.3 m, acid-resistant with thermal insulation Elbow 90°, acid-resistant with thermal insulation Elbow 45°, acid-resistant with thermal insulation Tee 87°, acid-resistant with thermal insulation Tee 45°, acid-resistant with thermal insulation Cap, acid-resistant with thermal insulation Tube clamp, acid-resistant Cleaning hole, acid-resistant with thermal insulation
100/160 RK+100/100 RK+100/100 RK+100/100 KK+100/90 K+100/45 TK+100/87 TK+100/45 DK+100 OK-100 WK+100
100/180 RK+110/100 RK+100/50 RK+110/33 KK+110/90 KK+110/45 TK+110/87 TK+110/45 DK+110 OK-110 WK+110
110/180 RK+120/100 RK+110/50 RK+120/33 KK+120/90 KK+120/45 TK+120/87 TK+120/45 DK+120 OK-120 WK+120
140/200 RK+130/100 RK+120/50 RK+130/33 KK+130/90 KK+130/45 TK+130/87 TK+130/45 DK+130 OK-130 WK+130
140/200 RK+140/100 RK+130/50 RK+140/33 KK+140/90 KK+140/45 TK+140/87 TK+140/45 DK+140 OK-140 WK+140
140/200 RK+150/100 RK+140/50 RK+150/33 KK+150/90 KK+150/45 TK+150/87 TK+150/45 DK+150 OK-150 WK+150
160/220 RK+160/100 RK+150/50 RK+160/33 KK+160/90 KK+160/45 TK+160/87 TK+160/45 DK+160 OK-160 WK+160
180/250 RK+180/100 RK+160/50 RK+180/33 KK+180/90 KK+180/45 TK+180/87 TK+180/45 DK+180 OK-180 WK+180
200/260 RK+200/100 RK+180/50 RK+200/33 KK+200/90 KK+200/45 TK+200/87 TK+200/45 DK+200 OK-200 WK+200
220/280 RK+220/100 RK+200/50 RK+220/33 KK+220/90 KK+220/45 TK+220/87 TK+220/45 DK+220 OK-220 WK+220
230/300 RK+230/100 RK+220/50 RK+230/33 KK+230/90 KK+230/45 TK+230/87 TK+230/45 DK+230 OK-230 WK+230
250/320 RK+250/100 RK+230/50 RK+250/33 KK+250/90 KK+250/45 TK+250/87 TK+250/45 DK+250 OK-250 WK+250
300/360 RK+300/100 RK+250/50 RK+300/33 KK+300/90 KK+300/45 TK+300/87 TK+300/45 DK+300 OK-300 WK+300
350/420 RK+350/100 RK+300/50 RK+350/33 KK+350/90 KK+350/45 TK+350/87 TK+350/45 OK-350 WK+350
400/460 RK+400/100 RK+350/50 RK+400/33 KK+400/90 KK+400/45 TK+400/87 TK+400/45 WK+400
450/520 RK+450/100 RK+400/50 RK+450/33 KK+450/90 KK+450/45 TK+450/87 TK+450/45 WK+450
500/560 RK+500/100 RK+500/50 RK+500/33 KK+500/90 KK+500/45 TK+500/87 TK+500/45 WK+500