Oil Heaters

Heaters are devices designed to provide a specified heat output into a room. Advanced manufacturing processes and proven systems make heaters very effective. Hiton oil heaters are high quality products providing pure heat. Abiza has extensive expertise in
manufacture of such devices. One of the greatest advantages of our heaters is use of inexpensive and eco friendly fuel. The following oil types can be used
by our heaters:

  • mineral oils
  • vegetable oils
  • diesel oil – separate mode of operation

Innovative devices developed with environment in mind by our engineers who constantly seek and implement new ground-breaking technical solutions.
Diverse heater applications

Hiton supports various branches of industry. This is why our heaters are perfectly suited for manufacturing industry: factory floors, warehouses. They are perfect for garages, storage buildings, car parks etc. High-efficiency stationary and mobile heaters ensure delivery of warm air to entire room space.


Safety and energy efficiency All Hiton heaters have modern and easy to use controllers. Additionally overheating and over-spilling protection ensures high safety and reliability. We offer different heater models with user adjusted output in the range of 15 kW to 42 kW.

Information on all Hiton products manufactured by our company can be found on the following website:

*** hiton.pl ***

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