Conventional Sheet Metal and Profile Cutting

Simple shearing and forming of sheet metal is done using a CNC hydraulic guillotine. Advantages of this solution include:

  • Possibility of cutting sheet metal into smaller pieces with simple shapes, such as profiles, solid profiles, strips, welding elements.
  • A practical method for making corrections of one or more pieces or multi-series cutting, as guillotine shear allows instantaneous material change and adaptation to required shape.
  • A cheap and quick solution.





Our guillotines:
  • Cutting length 2500mm
  • Sheet metal thickness 0,5mm – 3mm
  • Cutting length 2000mm
  • Sheet metal thickness 0,5mm – 3mm

Rods, sections, tubes and profiles are cut using automatic band saw.

Advantages of this cutting method:
  • low cost,
  • high precision,
  • dimensional accuracy,
  • cutting up to a thickness of 250 mm,
  • suitable of structural elements’ machining.
Our saw:
Band saw – ARG 250 D-NC Automat
Cutting range
mm tab4 tab5
tab1 250 190
tab2 235 180
tab3 235×250 190×130