Cutting with CNC Punch Presses

The possibilities of CNC punch presses are endless. Punch presses have a very abundant tool set. This offers a plethora of possibilities for making both highly complex and simple shapes.

The expertise we have acquired through many years of punch cutting, good organization and low production costs allow us to provide professional services for every customer, starting from quotation through production respecting the agreed deadline, ending with a receipt of professionally packaged and checked workpieces.







We use the following punch presses:


  • maximum material thickness:3,2mm
  • axis travel X, Y 1270x1270mm
  • axis travel with automatic repositioning X, Y 2520x1270mm
  • maximum tool diameter; D-station: 88,9mm
  • marking function
  • threading function
  • shearing function
  • bending function
  • forming function, such as ventilation openings, fireplace opening, flanging of openings


  • maximum material thickness: 4,5mm
  • Axis travel X,Y 1270x1000mm