Rolling and Circle Bending

We specialise in manufacture of heaters and flue systems. This is why we have at our disposal a range of specialist tube forming devices necessary for manufacture of those products.


They include:
Circle bending machine – RME 60/103
  • maximum steel thickness: 1,0mm
  • working width for circle bending: 1000mm
  • minimum cylinder diameter: 80mm
  • maximum cylinder diameter: 500mm
Circle bending machine – RBM 1050-30E
  • maximum steel thickness: 2,5mm
  • working width for circle bending: 1000mm
  • minimum cylinder diameter: 110mm
  • maximum cylinder diameter: 500mm
Tee forming machine – TR-100
  • steel thickness 0,6mm
  • minimum tee diameter: 112mm
  • maximum tee diameter: 252mm
Rotary shear with flanging function – KSE 12.10
  • maximum steel thickness: 1,5mm
  • minimum disc outer diameter: 70mm
  • maximum disc outer diameter: 1000mm
Machine for making ventilation duct elbows – YDK 01
  • steel thickness: 0,4-1,5mm
  • diameter range: 125 – 1250mm
  • maximum segment angle: 30° (90° elbow of 4 segments)
Groover and flange making machine – SME 63/2P
  • maximum steel thickness: 2mm
Machine for belling of tubes – Udkt-01
  • minimum tube diameter: 80mm
  • maximum tube diameter: 250mm
  • maximum tube wall thickness: 2mm
Machine for grooving and cutting tubes – Ża-3
  • minimum tube diameter: 80 mm
  • maximum tube diameter: 200mm
  • maximum wall thickness: 1mm